NFL Office Pool 2007

NFL Office Pool 2007

Make your bets on the football season


  • Preloaded NFL season
  • Batch selected buttons (random, away, home, favorites, underdog)
  • Create online pools
  • Sync latest info
  • Supports all major football leagues


  • The interface

Very good

The start of the NFL season, or for that matter any major sporting event, is also usually a good time to create an office pool with your colleagues.

Whether you bet money or not you can still have good fun guessing the results of games. NFL Office Pool is probably the most advanced in its genre.

Not only can you create pools for all major football leagues (NFL, NFL Europe, CFL. . . ) but also get constantly updated statistics, whether on your friends' picks, official game results and other information.

You can make your picks all in one go, choosing for instance all underdogs or all home teams. We also felt that NFL Office Pool really let you work around your pool, letting you print it out, play over Internet or make safe backups.

The interface itself may not be the most attractive (mostly due to the odd layout of the buttons), but the program is simple enough that it should only take you seconds to create your office pool.

Welcome to the easiest office pool tracking system you'll ever find! With a Windows based environment and a custom set of tools you'll spend more time enjoying the "talk around the cooler" than fumbling through all that paper work!

NFL Office Pool 2007


NFL Office Pool 2007

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